Class Descriptions

All classes are taught so that they are accessible to all body types. Modifications and props are utilized to facilitate asana and to ensure the practice is safe and appropriate for everyone. Discussions about yoga philosophy and texts are sometimes included in classes.

Sunrise Yoga

In this all level class, the body is fully stretched from the cervical spine to the toes. Flowing asanas will build heat inviting the body to go deeper.  Holding them will build strength. Playing with stronger asanas builds confidence and stamina. Finally we will relax with a nurturing sivasana and a brief seated meditation. 

Hatha Blend

This class is very similar to Sunrise Yoga, but with a bit more intensity. We will flow more and bring more heat into the body. Expect an invigorating practice accessible to all levels.

Gentle Yoga

If you are looking for a slow, learning style class, or one that puts minimal weight on fragile joints like wrists and shoulders, this is for you. The focus is on the nuances of asanas and proper alignment for individuals wanting a gentle practice and/or needing to recover from injury. Appropriate for all levels.

Strengthen and Restore

An all-levels therapeutic and nurturing class that incorporates more movement than traditional restorative and some strength building to aid in bringing balance and mobility back to the body. Generally, each class is spent focusing on a particular area (shoulders, back, legs, hips).  Deeply relaxing asanas are integrated to bring calm to the mind and body. Class concludes with a brief meditation.

Yoga for Women

This is a full practice class including seated and standing asana that will build strength and stamina. In addition, issues particular to women, including pelvic floor strengthening, feminine shakti energy, hormones and more will often be incorporated. Appropriate for all levels. 

Candlelight Yoga

This cantle light class is calming for the mind and relaxing for the body. It is a slow, restorative and gentle class focusing on slow movement between poses and restorative rest in supported poses. Enjoy this peaceful experience appropriate for all levels and body challenges.

Slow Flow

This class incorporates a variety of warm-up exercises and gentle flow sequences linking movement and breath, and finishes with a short relaxation and meditation. This class is taught in an all-levels format, and participants can expect a manageable challenge.

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