As we practice both dynamic and restorative poses we will listen to our bodies for an invitation to go deeper and allow gravity, not force, to bring us to our edge. In dynamic classes we will build strength and generate heat as we hold and move through asanas and focus movement on isolated muscles learning to balance the body. The flow and manipulation of breath will clear our minds and purify our bodies. We will access all joints, from our cervical spine to our toes in order to maintain our range of motion and prevent atrophy. 

Our mental practice is to let go of attachment to outcomes and expectations of ourselves and instead to listen to and honor our own needs and limitations, both on and off the mat. We will nurture ourselves and clear our minds with meditation and chanting, so we can hear the knowing inside - the balanced center that is our guide. 

I hope that by practicing together you find your personal path to enlighten whatever in your life needs clarity.